What to do before your first day at your new placement


The first day at your new placement position may be among the most memorable — and perhaps stressful — of your career; especially if it is your first office based job. However, as with every stressful situation, there are a few steps you can take to avoid any unexpected surprises and give the best first impression.

Prepare questions

Your first day is mostly about listening and taking in everything you are being told. However, you want to show interest in what you are being told and the people around you. Make sure you prepare a number of questions on how you can be successful on your role; these will help you show your desire to learn and will be appreciated by your manager.

Prepare your outfit

Your outfit on your first day, needs as much thinking as your interview outfit. If you didn’t have a face to face interview prior to your first day, email your contact in the company and ask for the dress code. You want to blend in so that you feel more comfortable but always take the professional approach.

Be confident

By saying confident, we don’t mean overly confident; just confident enough. Don’ be shy and try and introduce yourself to everyone, at least on your floor.

Be on time

We probably shouldn’t be even saying that but plan ahead. Familiarise yourself with the route you are going to follow and plan to be there at least fifteen minutes early. You can use the extra time to grab a cup of coffee and calm down before starting your day!

Be careful with your lunch

You don’t need to pack a lunch for your first day. One of your colleagues may ask you to join them for lunch and that is an excellent opportunity to socialise and make your first connections.

Leave your phone in your bag

Make sure you don’t use your mobile device on your first day. Not only will it make you look unprofessional but it make take away a chance of meeting your new colleagues.

Be positive

A positive attitude is the best way to make sure your day goes well. Even if you didn’t get a seat on the tube, or you dropped your untouched coffee on the floor, leave all that negativity at the door and show your new colleagues how happy you are to be there.

Send thank you email

Make sure you show your appreciation to the people that helped you after your interview and made you feel welcome in the company. This is something that often is not done on the first day by many new hires, but it’s something that is greatly appreciated by those on the receiving end!

Use your initiative 

There are lots of ways to use your initiative. The ‘safe’ way is simply to offer your help. For example, if the phone rings, don’t sit there looking at it and waiting for someone else to answer it, just go ahead and do it. You will gain extra points for your pro-activity.

No matter what happens on your first day, as long as you are positive and happy you will be fine. And remember that you were chosen for that position for a reason! Good luck!