Weekend Getaway – Vilnius, Lithuania


In the last article from this series, we covered Sofia in Bulgaria, how to get there on a budget, where to go and what to see. Our main goal is to find you the cheapest holiday getaway where you can go over the weekend to take some stress off this busy exam period or treat yourself after the completion of your exams! in this article we will be covering Vilnius in Lithuania!

Flight Prices 

Flight prices change depending on seasons that you wish to travel. These prices are based on Friday night departure and Sunday return.

There is only two affordable airlines that fly from UK, and that is Ryan Air, that can get you to Vilnius and back for around £55 to £100 or Air Baltic which prices start at £90.

Accommodation Prices

Accommodation prices will vary depend on where you would like to stay; hotels, motels, rent a private room or Airbnb.

Since this is a weekend getaway guide is for students – we know that you’re broke, and this is the reason why we have looked up 2 to 3 start hotels (only because we couldn’t find 1 star).

The average prices for these per night is from £15 to £30 and these are hotels with good reviews, deal!

We have also looked up Airbnb – there is accommodation available in the town centre for as little as £9 per night! Average rent is £25 but if you manage to find 15 people to go to Vilnius with you, you can look at renting a private club which would cost you £26 each (£406 per night).

Food, Beverage and Travel Prices

Meal for 2 for in an inexpensive restaurant – £6

Three-course meal for 2 in a mid-range restaurant – £30

2 tickets for theatre (best seats) – £15

Domestic beer (0.5l) – £0.88

One way ticket (public transport) – £0.90

What to Visit

Vilnius Old Town – is one of the largest surviving medieval old towns in Northern Europe, you’ll get to see many different architectural styles – gothic, renaissance and neoclassical stand side by side and complement each other. Pilies Street is the Old Town’s main artery and the hub where cafes and street market beams with life.

St. Anne’s Church – The first church at that site was wooden and was intended for Catholic Germans but it was destroyed by a fire in 1419. The church standing now was completed in 1500 and has been unchanged ever since.

KGB Museum – Was established in 1992 by the President of Lithuanian Union of Political Prisoners and Deportees. In 1995 it was transferred to a former KGB headquarters. The museum collects and exhibits objects and documents, describes the history of Lithuania and the Lithuanian resistance from the 50-year occupation of Lithuania by the Soviet Union.

Gediminas Tower – is fortification made in 1409 by the Grand Duke Vytautas in order to protect the Upper Castle in Vilnius and grants you a view over the city. The tower is an important part of Lithuanian history, it was depicted on former, national currency of Lithuania and it is mentioned in many Lithuanian poems and folk songs.

Average budget for your Weekend Getaway – £200 to £250 including flight prices