Things you might find weird about Brits…


If you are coming to the UK for the first time for a longer period than just a week or two, you might notice that British people do things differently and might act in different ways that you’re use to. Disclaimer ahead. With this post we do not mean to offend anyone. It’s just a fun way to portray some typical British habits that a Non-UK person might scratch their heads over. But trust me, by the time you know it, you will already have acquired some if not all of these peculiar habits.

They take their tea very seriously.

You would think that they appreciate tea in Asia. I am not saying they don’t, but the British take it to another level. They actually have a specific time they take their tea. They have tea for reason and without reason, all day every day. So if you are a fellow tea drinker like myself, you will love it. I guarantee you that.

Over excessively apologising.

The British love the word ‘Sorry’. No matter whose fault it is, guaranteed that at one point they will apologise. Even if it’s your fault they will apologise. When they are being rude they will begin or either end with saying ‘Sorry’. It is a rather nice surprise, especially if you come from a country, where people are a bit less polite.

Odd love for queuing.

In the UK they like to queue for everything. Whether you are waiting for the bus, waiting to get into a restaurant or wanting go into a club you need to queue. God forbid if you jump the queue. Whatever you do, do not jump the queue. Awful things can happen. I am joking, but people do get really annoyed if you do that.

The different taps dilemma.

This is probably the most well-known difference in the UK. Unlike many other countries, where you have one tap that mixes the cold and hot water, here you get two different ones. One, which provides you with freezing cold water and one – scalding hot water, which usually results in you either burning yourself or numbing your hands for a moment. You might be fortunate enough and get to live in a place where they actually have one tap. Lucky you.

Drinks = Fun times.

They do say the more North you go, the more alcohol people tend to drink. Well I am not going to say it’s completely true, but maybe it is…slightly be. All-day boozing might be considered as alcoholism, but not here. A pub-crawl that starts at 3pm on a Friday and ends Sunday evening is classified as the ultimate weekend.

Carpet everywhere.

I am not joking. They put carpet almost everywhere they can. We all know that it gets pretty cold in the UK and that might be a reason for all of that excessive carpeting, but you can sometimes even see it in bathrooms, which is a bit too much.

Safety signs and fire exits all over the place

This one is not really that weird, but there is a huge amount of signs telling you either ‘Mind your step’, ‘Mind the gap’ or ‘Mind your head’. Which if you think about, is quite nice. As for the fire exits, I do not need to say how important they are in a fire, it’s just puzzling at how many there are.

Accents variations

Going around the UK, you will notice that there are so many different accents. You can pretty much say that they change every 50 miles. What is even more baffling is that a British person can tell you from where another fellow Brit is after just 10 seconds into the conversation. That’s like having some form of mind reading skills. Mind blowing.

As any other country, the UK has its quirky habits as well and society has made some typical stereotypes because of that. However, remember that you shouldn’t tar everyone with the same brush as we are all different and unique.