Student Survey – Terms & Conditions


Hello Students!

In an attempt to collect relevant market research for Placement UK, we have designed a free to enter student survey.

All students who have submitted a completed survey will be within a chance of winning a £10 Amazon gift card. In order to complete the survey, follow the provided link; and click ‘done’ at the final question.


Placement UK is the European Student Placement Organisation. We provide a free specialised service designed to help the very best European undergraduates to find internships or placements in the UK. We place hundreds of European Students into UK businesses every year to gain invaluable practical experience.

Significant Conditions

  • Start date; 19/08/16
  • Closing date; 02/09/16
  • Students will only be able to submit one survey, any duplicate surveys will not be counted
  • Proof of purchase (i.e. gift card) will be posted on our Facebook Page
  • The winner shall also be announced via our Facebook Page on 02/09/16
  • The winning respondent shall be picked at random by a member of the Placement UK team

We are looking forward to receiving all of your responses and would like to thank-you for taking part in our student survey.

Best of luck,

Placement UK Team