Living a low cost budget life in the UK


Let’s face it, a student’s finances are not amongst the richest ones. We know that most students live on a budget and try to spend as less as they can. When you are a student your favourite phrases while shopping become – “Buy one, get one free!”, “Three for the price of one” and so on and so on, you get the idea. This blog post will give you a bit more information about where to shop for what. For all of those who have no idea where would be the cheapest place to get stuff like laundry detergent to finding the best deal for a sack of potatoes, this one is for you.

Let’s start with the most essential thing – Food

The cheapest place to do your weekly/daily grocery shopping is either Lidl or Aldi. If that is way below you, then ASDA is the place for you. It is a little more expensive but still on the cheap side. You can also get a little fancier and shop at Sainsbury’s or Tesco if you like, but be warned it could get rather expensive. Then at the top of the food shop chain we have Marks and Spenser’s tied with Waitrose. We do not recommend doing your whole shopping there as you might end up being broke rather fast. They do have really good quality products so if you want to treat yourself to something go for it, you might occasionally find some pretty sweet offers, but other than that if you want spend less on food is wise to shop elsewhere.

Tip: Buying fresh fruits and veggies is usually cheapest at local markets or fruit and veggie shops. Do your research and see if there is anything similar in your area.

Moving onto Clothing, shoes and bags

You might know, you might not, but the cheapest place to get clothes is a shop called Primark.  They have anything that your wardrobe might desire. Going up the ladder we have your typical shops such as H&M, Next, New Look, Forever 21, TopShop, Mango, Zara etc. In regards to bags, all of the previously mentioned brands are good places to get some, however if you want a high-end bag, we suggest going to TK Maxx. This a big shop that offers brand name and designer products on very discounted prices; from clothes to home stuff and even some luxury food items. It is not the cheapest shop, but considering the original price of the pieces, there are some pretty sweet deals.

Home stuff

Be prepared for Primark be one of your best friends while being a student, even after that. Not only that they have affordable clothing, they even have cheap home stuff; it’s a really good place to get things such as your bedding, pillows, towels etc. For kitchen utensils, pots, plates, cups and home décor stuff in general there are many cheap places you can try. The cheapest would be Poundworld or Poundland. You can also give Asda, Home Bargains, Sainsbury’s etc. a go, but the first suggestion would be the least expensive options.   


At one point you will realise you also need some office supplies such as notepad, folders, a stapler maybe. A really cheap place to get these are Poundworld or Poundland. If you are lucky enough you might have a shop called The Works, there they have all kind of stationary/craft supplies for a really good price (psst it’s a really cheap place to get books, you are welcome). Asda would be a good place as well as Wilko, which are pretty similar in price.

Cleaning supplies.

 Now that you are no longer in your parents’ house, you would unfortunately have to do all the cleaning by yourself. Now comes the struggle as to where to buy the cheapest cleaning supplies as those can get really expensive. Your first thought should be… You guessed it – Poundworld or Poundland. Other options include Asda, Wilko and Home Bargains. At these places you could get all-purpose cleaners, wet wipes, laundry detergent, air refreshers and any other cleaning suppliers you might find yourself needing.

These are just some of the suggestions we had. All of these shops are wonderful and each one offers variety of products tailored to their specific target market. We do not say that you definitely need to shop from the brands mentioned above. Each one of them is wonderful and offers a different variety of products depending on the targeted customer. In the end it up to you and how you manage your finances.