How to keep yourself motivated during your placement


We have all experienced days in the office where you just don’t feel motivated. Anyone can have bad days and it is unrealistic to think that it won’t happen to you. Staying motivated at all times can be tough but there are a few tricks to help you out with this! According to specialists, motivation is a three part process. The first one is activation, this is making the decision to do something, which in your case is actually deciding to commence a placement. So far so good. The second step is intensity, and that is the amount of effort you are willing to put into your decision.

If you’re reading this blog then I am guessing you have already done this by looking for your placement, interviewing for different positions and working hard in order to prove yourself during your first months. The last step is perseverance; so, how long can you keep up the hard work for? Below, you can find the best tips that will help you keep up the good work and continue to improve whilst on your placement.

Stay Organized

Creating a routine and sticking to it is essential if you don’t want to lose motivation. You can create a daily or weekly plan with a to-do list that you can choose depending on your workload. That gives you the authority to choose your tasks and prioritise them in a way that will help you hit your own personal targets.

Stop Procrastinating

This is the hardest rule to follow, but it is the most effective. You must get in the zone and just do it. The sooner you start, the sooner you will finish. And let’s be honest, it is the only way to make it go away. Make sure you create small rewards at the end of each task so you have something to look forward too. It can be anything from a sweet snack to a freshly brewed coffee.

Ask For More

After a few months, in your position, you will have learnt the ins and outs of what exactly you have to do and you may start losing motivation because you will have nothing left to learn. But in a business there is always more to learn and take in, especially when it is your first placement. So go ahead and ask your manager for more responsibilities or a new mini-project that will push you out of your comfort zone,  ask more questions and do your own research.

Take Care of Yourself

Lack of motivation can easily occur when you are not taking care of yourself. Make sure you go to bed early and you wake up at a time that allows you to show up looking presentable and on time. Always respect the workplace environment and your colleagues by having an upbeat and positive attitude.

Think of the Future

Your placement year is your opportunity to grow and learn before you actively enter the big bad business world. This is the first step that will turn you into a successful professional further down the line. Motivate yourself now and think about your future!