How To Make Friends In A Workplace

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Entering a new workplace for your first day can be daunting, it’s a scary experience that can decide whether you make it or break it in your new position, first impressions are important and here are some tips on how to win over some of your peers. (These points would be for everybody, but obviously if you’ve been a terrible person for a long period of time this is not going to get you out of that mess, and as such these will be aimed at people entering a job for the first time).

Be Humble

Whilst it’s always a positive to have faith in yourself and your ambitions, too much confidence can come off as arrogant and that is something your colleagues will not enjoy, never assume a job is beneath you, and as long as you put effort into every task, your hard work will be recognised.


Whilst on your first day most people will be trying to welcome you and catering to your needs, but once you have settled, it will not go unrecognised if you are generous; whether it is a simple coffee trip or a helping hand on a troublesome piece of office machinery (printer, computer etc. people have problems with technology and hate asking for help, so offer and get in the good books).

Be Sociable

Everyone’s situation when starting a new position, whether you have moved 3, 300 or 3000 miles there is always a gelling period where you are trying to adjust to our new surroundings, this is not the time to revert into your own space and become estranged from your peers.

It’s always difficult trying to get to know a new set of colleagues, but they will be eager to meet the new blood and if you’re absent at these times a separation can start within the department, you don’t want to be an outcast, do you?

Whilst the company wants a hardworking member of staff and I am sure the other people working there will agree, they will also want confirmation that they’re not going to be spending the next few years stationed next to a guy who hates balloons, pogo sticks and other items of fun.

Hard work

There is no substitute for hard work, and whilst everyone loves a fun guy/girl, they love someone who gets the job done more (they really don’t want to be checking over your work or cleaning up after you, they’re not your teacher or your mum). This should be a given when approaching any role, if you’re not there to put the effort in then there is no point in turning up.


Although it may be your first day/week and you’re new to things, everyone else is still trying to do all the work they do on a daily basis, whether this be making sandwiches or closing legal cases, everyone is busy. If you notice that someone isn’t joining in the new recruit festivities, remember that for them it’s just another day on the grind.

Be yourself

There is nothing more important than being yourself, providing you didn’t lie through your teeth on your application/interview, the company has hired you and that’s who they want. Although it can sometimes be intimidating to be yourself, there is nothing scarier than finding out someone hates the sushi place you’ve been going to together for the past 6 months, but has kept their mouth shut in order to build a friendship with you, cause that’s insane levels of self-esteem issues and lies will always result in the end of a friendship.

Although these points can help you to make friends in the workplace, there is no proven formula for it, as long as you do your best, you can be happy with your input.

The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary – Vince Lombardi