How to get into 9 to 5 routine


Life of a student is really not too bad. Yeah it can get stressful at times, one day you are chilling with your friends, going out and enjoying the “adult” life and the next day you have 7 coursework deadlines, 3 presentations and an exam. We get it. We really do. We have all been there but believe me when I say this 9 to 5 malarkey is quite a different story.
Internships are good, they give you an insight into adulthood and what ‘real life’ looks like but at the same time a change from being a student to an employee can be overwhelming at times. In order to help you make the transition we are going to talk about a few things you can do in order to make this change have as little impact on you as possible.

Ask for help

Sometimes your work load can weigh you down but what you have to remember is that you are a student. You are there to learn, therefore if you ever get to the point like you feel there is too much work and you can’t handle it anymore, make sure you let your supervisors know. They are there to teach and guide you and they will be more than happy to show you the ropes and transfer their knowledge to you.

Make friends

It is a simple one really, make friends in your work place. Sometimes work can get stressful but remember that you are not alone, you and your colleagues are in the same boat…you work at the same place, you deal with the same people, you see each other every day and most likely go through the same problems so why not become work-friends? This will relieve stress as you will always have someone to talk to and someone you will feel more confident asking for help from. Suddenly you have a friendly face in the office and you will start to enjoy your time at work, even more. Plus, you won’t have to spend your lunch time eating alone – YES!

Find a hobby

You should find hobbies and keep them alive, something that you can look forward to at the end of each day… Make your free time more exciting by going cycling, hitting the gym, watching a sporting event or even meeting up with old/new friends. The key is to add some flavour to your life and routine, change it up, get lost in the things you enjoy and that will allow you to rest from your 9 to 5 routine.

Leave your work at work

The good thing about 9 to 5 is that at 5 P.M sharp – you are free. After 5pm it is your time, make sure that you leave all your work behind at the office as let’s be honest, the work you leave behind is not going anywhere and it will still be there next day at 9am. Make sure you leave all the work behind and enjoy your spare time.

Take your lunch outside

Work can be a fast paced environment therefore you should use your lunch break in order to get away from the office. Go out to a nearby park, bench or a quiet setting where you can eat peacefully, gather your thoughts and recharge your batteries for rest of the day.

Be a better worker

As much as this period is training, it is also the start of your career…so take pride in what you do? You might not enjoy the place you work at times or that specific assignment you need to complete but don’t let that detour you from doing a good job which will in turn give you purpose and job satisfaction. The time will come when you move on therefore if you get your work noticed you will get a good recommendation which will be great on your CV for after graduation.

Organise activity at work

Organising an activity at work can be linked with the previous point I have made, friends in the office. Invite your work friends, or even the whole office, and go bowling, out for dinner or whatever it is that takes your fancy! This would be a great opportunity to build stronger relationships inside and outside the office – you’ll also receive extra brownie points for being the fun intern that brings everyone together, it’s a win win.

These are just some simple pointers I have gathered in order to help you with your transition to your new employee mindset. You have to remember that this is the period where you’re apply everything you have learned through the course of your education but it is not a make or break situation, you are still learning, searching for your true calling therefore make sure you also enjoy your time there, it is not going to last forever…