How to find accommodation for your internship


In the previous blog post we have discussed how to deal with the experience of moving away from home, for the majority of you this would be moving to a different city, but for some of you this could mean moving away to a completely new country. We know this can be stressful, therefore we have created this blog to guide you through the process of finding accommodation in the UK. In this blog we focused on websites rather than letting agents or universities as we are aware that the majority of students starting their placements are moving away and start their search by looking online as that would be the best and easiest way of securing accommodation.


This is a very good website which provides you with student accommodation all over UK but what we like about their services is that they go much further than many other agencies. AccomodationForStudents can provide you with student accommodation but they also have a very helpful blog which discusses anything from ‘how to get accommodation in last minute’ to ‘why you should consider a gap year’, they have a student guides that answer frequently asked questions and also a service called find housemate where you can pair up with other students currently looking for accommodation in the same area. Unfortunately, the only thing dragging this website down is slightly confusing and messy layout.

Our Score – 8/10


We like this website because of its clear layout and a very clear description of every property. We have considered these factors to be very important for students moving in from abroad who most likely will not have an opportunity to view the property, so we want to make sure you get as much information and support before you move in. The downside of this website is the lack of connection with students, there are no other services that would be of interest to students and prices are slightly higher compared to competing services.

Our Score – 7/10


This is another service that we like because of the number of properties advertised on the website, there are over 6,000,000 registered users, and therefore it is a safe bet when looking for accommodation at the last minute. SpareRoom also prides itself with the ‘Buddy’ system they have which allows you to find other students who are currently looking for accommodation in your area, but they go further, each property has an ‘interested list’ which shows you other people who would like to secure that specific accommodation and are currently looking for buddies. It also has a very good communication platform which allows you to send a quick message to a landlord. Unfortunately, this website also has a downside, all of the new properties are listed as ‘early bird’ and can only be applied for by the members of the community and you do have to pay for that membership.

Our Score – 9/10


This is a very well designed website and a service that is used mainly by university students. StudentTenant works closely with universities in order to improve their service but also to provide students with the type of accommodation that would benefit them the most. They also have a very active forum used by students where you can find housemates, discuss properties, cities and universities so you can not only get insight into the property you are interested in but also city and university life. This website has great potential but unfortunately it is rather over looked at the moment and there aren’t as many accommodation opportunities there as on the company’s competitors.

Our Score – 7/10

This is the list of the websites that we believe are the best and most appropriate when searching for student accommodation but you have to remember that this is not the only way of securing accommodation, we would still recommend that you contact letting agents and private landlord simply for comparison of both properties and prices. We wish you best of luck in your accommodation hunt!