Habits of likeable people


Everyone wants to be liked. It is a fact. However, not everyone can achieve that. The reason why this is happening is because it is so hard to pinpoint what exactly you need to do, in order for people to like you. Do you need to agree with everyone, be out-going and social, or is it just something you are born with? There are so many different opinions on what makes someone well-liked but not one definite conclusion. That’s why we gathered below the common habits of the most fetching people you will meet in the office!

They listen.

Whether it is your assistant, the guy from the IT department or your MD, listening is one of the most important characteristics you must have if you want to be friendlier. There is no point in starting a conversation with someone if you are going to start checking your computer screen or smartphone half way through the chat.

They remember.

Listening is very important, but you also need to let all the information that the person in front of you is sharing, sink in. For example if your colleague is telling you that they are talking half day off to meet their parents, don’t then ask them the next day, why they left early. Listening and remembering shows that you value and respect the conversations you have and it helps build stronger relationships.

Ask questions

In order to build your likeability, you need to ask more questions. Well-liked people know that people enjoy talking about themselves, and they ask questions to prompt them to do just that. This way you show more interest in their lives and you give them the chance to talk about themselves which leads to knowing the person in depth.

Get personal

But not too personal. Sharing your life with people from your work environment is essential in order to build a stronger relationship. However, you do need to know where exactly to stop. Share your personal problems and concerns without dwelling on them; make sure you also share your good moments without bragging. This will help you look more humane without looking unprofessional or too personal.

Have fun

Being professional in the office is essential but all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. And who wants to be Jack? You want to be fun, lively and someone who can share a good laugh. At appropriate times you can make fun of yourself or any situation that allows it. Your colleagues will definitely appreciate it on a rainy Monday morning.


The correct body language is one of the most essential aspects of a friendly personality. Whatever you do will affect the person you are in contact with. When you smile to the person you are talking to, they will subconsciously return the favour and feel good about it.

Bottom line is you don’t need to develop a big, extroverted personality to be likable. Simply being friendly and considerate is all you need to win people over. As Jasmine Guinness said: Be kind, don’t judge, and have respect for others. If we can all do this, the world would be a better place.