Every ending has a new beginning…


It is a very special Friday here in the Placement UK Office because two of our students are leaving us and going back to their studies. They have been with us for twelve months; it should have been six but we just couldn’t let them go. They did an amazing job whilst they were here so we’ve had to say a few words….


Elijah – who self-titled himself as the Marketing, Administration, Recruitment and Office Manager- has an unbelievable ‘filling positions’ record of 0.85 per month…well, that’s how we like to wind him up! He filled his first position during his first month and after that he was unstoppable. He was excellent with students and would go out of his way to help them. What Elijah loved doing most was charming the clients with his telephone manner; so many companies asked for him that we had to stop taking him to meetings. On a regular day, you would find him doing what any other Marketing, Administration, Recruitment and Office Manager would do; scrolling through his Instagram feed looking for updates on Conor Mc Gregor’s latest injury.

Elijah is a huge Manchester United fan, the only fan in the office, cough cough. Unfortunately, even after 12 months of working with some of the top English football players – yes they do have side jobs in our office- he still thinks his football knowledge is better that everyone else’s.

We will miss the lovely smell of Eli’s lunches, by lunch we mean curry. If he’s not eating curry on his lunch break you will mostly find him doing what any other 24 year old would do….Pokémon hunt.  No words.


Austen was the latest addition to our team. He is the person who had to create communication channels with every European university-we preferred someone Scottish rather than English. And we chose wisely. He did an excellent job scrolling through endless lists of University contacts and thanks to him we now have established contacts in every European country you can think of…even Liechtenstein. Austen spent the last six months trying to make everyone ‘healthy’. Cake and chocolates – our main source of energy in the office – were banned and we were only allowed one coffee per day. Now that he is leaving we all realised this was for the best; we don’t need coffee or sugar (I know he is reading this so I am obligated to say so; don’t ever put baby in the corner or give up coffee).

We can thank Austen for being a keen Arsenal fan, mainly because he introduced the girls to Olivier Giroud – we will forever be in his debt!  It’s just a shame they will never win the league, sorry Austen.

They were both excellent colleagues and most importantly friends and we will miss them…pass the tissues. We can say with certainty that their next employer will be lucky to have them. Par excellence!—even fancy French words can’t say how great you guys wereBye bye…for now.