Dealing with stress during placement


As if moving away is not hard enough, then you realise you are going to start a new placement and even more stress hits you. You keep on worrying whether it’s going to be difficult? Are you going to be under much pressure? Are your colleagues going to be nice? Are you going to like the whole experience in general? So many questions! Relax, don’t worry, this is normal. Every new venture is stressful as most of us have a fear of the unknown (if you don’t, good for you, you are a very lucky individual!).
Fun fact time – there are actually two types of stress, Eustress and Distress. The first one is the positive stress (yeah, who knew there is such a thing) and can actually be very beneficial to you. It can help one be more focused, energetic and motivated as well as help avoid any accidents and costly mistakes at work. The second type, however, that is the one you need to watch out for and keep under control. This is the stress that could be very detrimental and cause some serious harm to not only you but the company as well. In order to tackle this dreadful monster of an issue, we have prepared a few solutions for you about how to deal with the stress that might come with starting a new placement.

Get Social

The first thing you could do, which is probably the most natural thing to do, talk to somebody about it. Speaking with someone will instantly calm your nerves and relieve some of the build-up stress. For example, instead of going on your phone or tablet in the break, be sociable and have a chat about it with a colleague. If you are not that close to your co-workers then call or message a family member or a friend from back home. Any kind of conversation will be beneficial.

Get Moving 

Start exercising. Doing sport is a great way to de-stress both your body and your mind. It doesn’t have to be anything too difficult or time consuming. You can do something easy like walking, swimming, dancing, whatever you feel would be most enjoyable to you and would work best with your daily routine. It’s not too much to ask for to spare 30 minutes every day, put that phone down and get moving!

Eat Healthier 

What you eat throughout the day can have a big influence on your daily mood. Making sure you eat healthy can help you feel fresher and filled with energy, ready to tackle whatever hardship comes. I am going to admit this one can be a bit tricky as nowadays there is so much information about it and everyone decides in the end what is best for them. Therefore we are not going to give you anything too specific, just a few mainstream guidelines such as try to lower your sugar, nicotine and alcohol intake. Also, remember what your mum said, eat those fruits and veggies.

Get Enough Sleep

You probably knew this one was coming at one point. Well yes, getting enough sleep is very important, in fact it’s essential. The two are actually quite connected. Big amounts of stress can cause insomnia etc., but the lack of sleep can also cause stress. If you get enough shut-eye, you are more likely to be well-rested and more able to keep your emotional balance in check, which is key to handling stress. Therefore, make yourself a nice cup of tea (green, of course) and go to bed a bit earlier next time.

Get Organised 

People tend to stress, when they have too many tasks at hand and quite often that is exactly what happens at work. Don’t be so quick to go into the stress bubble, take a moment and breathe. Prioritize your tasks, start with the most important one you need to do and then make your way from there. If there is one, which is particularly unpleasant to you, then complete that one first so you can have it out of the way and enjoy the rest of the work day. Another tip, if large projects look a bit too overwhelming, break them up into smaller sections and do them step by step.
It is inevitable to have some stress at work, however this is normal. The important thing is not to let it overpower you and let it dictate your mood and daily activities. In many cases the difference between success and failure is up to your ability to deal with stress. You might think that there are situations in which you might feel helpless but you are more capable than you think.

“Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one.” Hans Selye