CV Builder

Today we are going to outline some important advice and tips to keep in mind when constructing your own placement CV.

First of all, here is a short list of essential skills and qualities that employers look for in a potential student; Communication, Interpersonal, Motivation, Teamwork, Problem solving, Leadership and Initiative.

What Makes you Different:

– CV presentation and layout
– Creativity
– Projects and extra-curricular activities
– Personality
– Languages

A Good CV Should:

– Be specific and concise to the position
– Outline relevant skills and experience to the position
– Highlight your interest in the role you are applying for
– Have attention to detail
– Be a maximum of two pages long
– Create an immediate impact
– Use positive language that will impress

General Tips:

– Ensure that your grammar and spelling are thoroughly checked over
– Make sure that your sections are well laid out and labelled
– Font size should be well suited, no less than size 11
– Personal details should be located at the start
– Within Education, most recent qualifications should be first
– Work experience should include; job title, date and responsibilities
– Include a ‘skills section’ that you can relate to the position
– Update your personal details, such as email and phone numbers


We suggest to keep a master or general CV template saved on your computer. From here, you can customize to any position you apply for. Save your CV as a PDF and preview it before sending.

Sections therefore to adapt:

– Personal statement (introduction)
– Education (for example university modules)
– Work experience or projects
– Skills and qualities (review the job description)


Kind regards,

PLUK team!