Dealing with stress during placement


As if moving away is not hard enough, then you realise you are going to start a new placement and even more stress hits you. You keep on worrying whether it’s going to be difficult? Are you going to be under much pressure? Are your colleagues going to be nice? Are you going to like the whole experience in general? So many questions! Relax, don’t worry, this is normal. Every new venture is stressful as most of us have a fear of the unknown (if you don’t, good for you, you are a very lucky individual!). Read more

What to wear depending on your workplace environment


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So you managed to secure your first placement! Yay! And you have also managed to find a flat that is only fifteen minutes away from your new office job! Double yay! You have noted your start date in your diary, your placement agreement is signed and you have already met your flatmates and they are amazing. Everything is going as planned, or even better than planned and then you realise that you have nothing to wear on your first day. And that is when your world collapses. It doesn’t really, but let’s just be dramatic for a short moment. As per usual, you don’t need to worry, we are here! Keep on reading and we will solve your outfit dilemmas. You can also check out the links to find each clothing item in affordable student prices. Read more

How to write a good cover letter?

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Cover letters are a very important part of your application process as it allows you to demonstrate your writing style and gives you an opportunity to expand on your skills, something that CV’s lacks as it is usually brief and simple.

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Getting to know your new placement town



Moving to a new town could be an exciting experience, but at the same time it can be rather stressful and even a bit scary to some, especially if it is your first time living on your own, moving to a completely new country and starting a placement in a few days or so. That is completely normal and it can happen to anyone. Everybody goes through such a phase, whether it is a few days, a week or even a month. No matter if it’s your first or fifth move, it can always be hard to pack all your belongings and send off to an unknown location. This could leave you feeling a bit anxious, in order to avoid that, down below, we have suggested several things you could do to get used to your new placement town more easily.

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10 Reasons to choose Manchester for your placement


This week we would like to introduce you to one of the UK’s most exciting cities. Manchester has grown massively the past few decades and today is one of the top locations to live in. We don’t know if it the people, the atmosphere or the tones of different activities but there is definitely something about this city. Below, we have chosen the top ten reasons why we would choose Manchester for a placement year, but you will definitely discover your own once you get there. Read more

Every ending has a new beginning…


It is a very special Friday here in the Placement UK Office because two of our students are leaving us and going back to their studies. They have been with us for twelve months; it should have been six but we just couldn’t let them go. They did an amazing job whilst they were here so we’ve had to say a few words….

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How to find accommodation for your internship


In the previous blog post we have discussed how to deal with the experience of moving away from home, for the majority of you this would be moving to a different city, but for some of you this could mean moving away to a completely new country. We know this can be stressful, therefore we have created this blog to guide you through the process of finding accommodation in the UK. In this blog we focused on websites rather than letting agents or universities as we are aware that the majority of students starting their placements are moving away and start their search by looking online as that would be the best and easiest way of securing accommodation. Read more

Coping with moving away from home


So you’ve just accepted a position in a town located half an hour outside of Birmingham, you have no idea how you’re going to get there, how you’re going to deal with the 300 mile + journey between yourself and your family or what kind of weirdness the surrounding areas will offer you… no seriously that’s my story. Everyone’s story is different, and there are lots of factors that will affect your ability to thrive in a new area, but I am going to give you 5 tips on things you can do to help feel comfortable and happy in your new location.  Read more

How to choose the “right” placement for you


Having trouble deciding what kind of internship to pursue? Whether you have to undertake an internship as part of your university course or simply just to improve your CV, it is vital to choose the internship that will personally benefit you. Your work experience does not necessarily mean that this will be your final destination but landing the “right” internship can prove advantageous during your future journey.

Here at Placement UK we have developed a couple of pointers that you should consider in order to find the right placement.

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How To Make Friends In A Workplace

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Entering a new workplace for your first day can be daunting, it’s a scary experience that can decide whether you make it or break it in your new position, first impressions are important and here are some tips on how to win over some of your peers. (These points would be for everybody, but obviously if you’ve been a terrible person for a long period of time this is not going to get you out of that mess, and as such these will be aimed at people entering a job for the first time).

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