How to stay in contact with friends & family whilst abroad

It’s happening! You got your dream internship in the UK and are looking forward to adventures and new experiences far from home. However, while it’s great to leave home and explore new places, it also means that you won’t see your friends and family for a while.

Will your pets forget who you are while you are gone? No matter how your experience will be, you might feel homesick every now and then. To better deal with such moments, it helps to stay in touch with your friends and family. If you can’t meet up with them easily, you might have to think about other ways of keeping in touch. We will give you some tips based on personal experience that might inspire you.

One really easy way you might already be using to chat with your friends are messengers. WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, … there are plenty of options available with different features and degrees of security. You can use plenty of emoticons to express your feelings about your UK internship and send your friends pictures of your new room. Another option are voice messages which allow you to record a little monologue with all the little high- and low-lights of the day. It might be weird at first but is less commitment than a phone call and a convenient way to share a lot of information quickly (if you can structure your thoughts  ). Your friends and family will probably enjoy hearing your voice and you theirs. Another positive feature is that there is no need to be available at the same time – which is great, especially if you are both very busy or in different time zones.

However, voice messages can be a bit unsatisfying. Sometimes you just want to talk to someone, and they should be able to respond immediately. In such situations, a call is a good idea. You can arrange calls with your friends in advance. Maybe it can develop into a tradition to always call each other around the 7th of the month or each Thursday. If you are less organised, why not try to surprise your friends and family with a call. They will be delighted to hear from you. If they don’t have time at that moment, you can still agree on another time to have a chat with them. Calling is still not enough? Most of messenger apps will allow you to add a video to the call. This way you can show your loved ones your flat and they might show you their latest culinary creations.

If you love seeing people, then why not use a picture-based method to stay in touch? You can share your latest 2nd hand treasures, lunch and favourite place on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. Use the Status option also on WhatsApp for pictures you would like to share with most people you know. If you rather send some private photos, than Snapchat can be a great option.

Additional to these ‘conventional’ ways to keep in touch, you might want to try something else. Why not write an email to your grandparents about your adventures – or your friends? Another nice way to stay in touch is to write postcards or letters to your loved ones. Everybody loves to have something in the Mailbox (that isn’t spam or a bill!) Even if you only manage to write a few lines that will already be much appreciated. If that isn’t enough and you want to help a friend going through a tough time, send them a parcel with your favourite foreign sweets and teas. However, these are all just substitutes for actually seeing each other. Your friends or family can, of course, also visit. This will strengthen your bond and give you plenty of time to chat and exchange experiences.

Now you hopefully have some idea on how to stay in touch whilst doing your internship abroad. Feel free to mix and match and find what suits you and your friendships best. Just be aware that staying in touch with your loved ones at home shouldn’t keep you from building a life abroad. One good way to avoid homesickness is to try to make the most of the experience you are having. Embrace the new life you’re living and find new friends – additional to the old ones.

“The only thing I have truly excelled at is being an intern”. If you’re just starting out, this is what you need to do

Want your work experience to become a paid job? Here’s Adrian Chiles’s secret:

Making tea is a life skill that can take an intern far in life – it shows willingness to make yourself useful.

I first wandered into BBC Television Centre in 1992 on work experience. My placement was in the business programmes department. I didn’t leave that office until 15 years later, so I must have done something right. Read more

10 Tips for a Successful Skype Interview

Nowadays, it is increasingly common for companies to use Skype Interviews in their recruitment process – especially if they are looking for candidates from all over the world. This allows them to hire the best talent based on skills and abilities, not just location!

Therefore, if you live in a different country and you are willing to relocate for your internship, you might have Skype interviews! Even though that means you can stay at home for the interview, preparation is still essential. As in all interviews, this will be the first live impression your potential future company will have of you. Your appearance and performance will significantly influence if you get the internship of your dreams or not! However, since the interview is via Skype, some additional factors have to be considered. Additionally, to being prepared for the actual interview, you also have to make sure that no difficulties occur during the call. Don’t panic though – we have some top tips for you that will help you master your Skype Interview.

Here are 10 top tips to prepare for a successful interview:

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Should you get a Mobile-Only Bank Account When you Move to the UK?

Should you get a Mobile-Only Bank Account When you Move to the UK to do Your Placement/Internship?

And Which One?

Whether you are a student moving in the UK to attend University or to do an internship, you will probably need to open a UK bank account.

If you use your account from home, you will almost definitely end up in paying a lot of charges for using your card abroad. Getting cash, transferring money to UK accounts, and maybe even just making a payment at a shop might all cost some money. This of course is not ideal. Read more

What could Boris Johnson’s election as UK Prime Minister mean for your Erasmus?

According to the latest updates, the UK is due to leave the EU at 11 pm UK time on 31 October 2019.  With the election of the new Prime Minister Boris Johnson, this matter is getting even more urgent.

You have just signed your Erasmus agreement and you were ready and excited to start this amazing experience… So what about your placement now?

We’ll try to explain what the current situation is, what could happen with Brexit, and why there’s NO NEED TO WORRY about your Erasmus!

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The Dos & Don’ts of Writing a Killer CV for your Dream Internship

Recruiters receive loads of CVs every day, and usually they don’t have the time to read everything in detail, so what you need to stand out from other candidates is an outstanding CV!

When you search for an internship, your CV is the only chance you get to make a great first impression. Here are some dos and don’ts that will help to create the most appealing CV to catch internship recruiters’ attention!

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The top 5 free CV preparation sites for students

The top 5 free CV preparation sites for students

Are you looking for a job or an internship and you need to create a new CV, but you don’t know where to start? Every day we review a lot of resumes and we know how hard it can be to pay attention to the content & design as well as being as quick as possible!
That’s why we decided to look for the best CV builders online and, after a long research,
we’ve selected the top 5 free CV preparation sites to help you in realising a terrific CV! Read more

Seagull baiting & toilet flushing: interns share WORST work experience roles

The purpose of a work experience placement should be to give a university undergraduate the opportunity to enhance their skills, come to terms with the office environment, make contacts and above all, improve their skillsets for CV purposes.

While some interns may be tasked with some of the more mundane tasks such as filling out spreadsheets, taking down minutes in meetings and occasionally making the tea and coffee, they should leave their placement having learnt more than that otherwise it is utterly pointless.

We asked what the most clichéd, ridiculous or horrible task that interns were assigned to do on work experience was and it received lots of shocking responses. Read more

Students, this is how you can stand out from the crowd in a very competitive job market

The employment market is saturated with graduates who have good degrees and the right qualifications. So the question on many recruiters’ minds is: what else can this candidate offer?

Employers have been reporting a “skills gap” in graduates for a few decades now and there is research to support its existence. Many employers feel there isn’t enough overlap between the contents of degree programmes and the skills that transform recent graduates into successful employees. Read more

The work experience employers want from social science graduates

‘Work experience’ is a broad term. While it’s widely acknowledged as a must-have asset, every job-seeker should know that not every work experience is created equal.

Context matters – that is, a student’s field of study, types of employers and types of work experience collectively play a role in determining a student’s employability. Read more

How to apply for a work placement in Australia

Australian universities take work-integrated learning – where you apply academic learning to a real-life situation – seriously. In 2017, they offered 555,403 workplace experiences, with close to half a million university students, both domestic and international, taking part.

Work placements refer to a stint working in a specific role in a company during university term time. They are usually tied to one or more courses within your programme that you are likely to earn credit for.

Here’s how you can find one in Australia: Read more

Prince William Ends Work Experience With Spy Agencies

Kensington Palace officials have revealed that William has spent three weeks working with Britain’s secret services to understand how the country’s security and intelligence services work. He spent time shadowing the foreign intelligence service MI6, worked with the domestic security service MI5, and finally with GCHQ, the government’s secret listening service. Read more

Dressing for work experience on a budget

Last year, I was lucky enough to apply for work experience at a newspaper and get a response saying: “Sure, we’ve just had a cancellation. Can you start tomorrow?” Whilst being over the moon, I couldn’t help but panic. I’d never done any work experience before and it had been three years since Sixth Form – when I’d last had to dress ‘smart casual’. Read more

Bring back compulsory work experience in schools, say business leaders

A leading business group is calling for compulsory work experience to be re-instated for school pupils.

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) wants employment placements brought back for students aged 14 to 16.

Mike Cherry, FSB chairman, said: “More than 40 per cent of small firms already offer work experience either as part of the recruitment process or through their community outreach but now it’s time that this is taken to the next level. Read more

Top QC details paid work experience offer in rebuke to chambers’ ‘unpaid’ internship

A top criminal barrister has unveiled a seriously tasty paid work experience offer, paid for out of his own pocket — just weeks after slating another chambers for advertising an “unpaid” internship.

Jaime Hamilton QC was among the lawyers outraged at Legal Cheek‘s revelation last month that London set 9KBW was seeking an intern for up to six months with only travel expenses paid. The 9 St John Street silk labelled the scheme “plain wrong” and promised to “put my money where my mouth is” by offering paid work experience of his own. 9KBW has since pulled its offer.

Trailblazing Hamilton is now set to deliver on this pledge. Giving details of his work placement, the blogging barrister says that the successful applicant will get £700 plus £300 expenses while spending “two weeks gaining an insight into life as a barrister”.

Hamilton, whose work includes serious sexual offence trials, says that the fortnight will have “real value” and be more than “two weeks of following me around”. Clearly not a man to do things by halves, Hamilton explains that the work experience comes with some extremely generous extras:

“During the course of the placement I will undertake two sessions of advocacy training, one towards the beginning of the period and one towards the end. Tim Collins, a consultant in legal recruitment, has kindly offered to give the successful candidate a CV and interview clinic via Skype. I will then build on that session with a further discussion about applications to chambers. There will be a day spent in the clerks room, seeing how the administration of chambers works. Subject to their availability, I have also arranged that the successful candidate will spend a day marshalling with a Circuit Judge and will spend a day with a firm of criminal solicitors.”

What’s more, the Manchester-based silk has already persuaded a colleague to follow his example. Nicholas Clarke QC, also of 9 St John Street, is matching Hamilton’s £700 offer. The pair will select one candidate each from a shortlist of ten. Those shortlisted but not selected following a Skype interview will get a signed copy of the bestselling Secret Barrister book.

Writing on his A view from the North blog, Hamilton explains that “an unpaid internship gives someone with the money to afford to work for free an advantage over someone that does not have the same means”.

Read full article here:

How Work Placements Can Help Boost Social Mobility

Despite a number of attempts to bolster social mobility around the world, the evidence suggests a limited amount of improvement has been achieved. Read more

Why Your First Job Post-College Matters More Than You Know

College graduates are under pressure and in a hurry to find their first job quickly. However, their quest shouldn’t be to secure something to get hired. It should be to find the right fit, recognizing the importance of choosing a role and company that will position them for success.

Do not take a “check the box” approach and simply accept the first role you’re offered, as you might be taking a step backward. This first job is critical: It will be a barometer for future roles, serving as a basis of comparison as you develop professionally. It will be your “test drive” of the knowledge and skills cultivated during college, in and outside the classroom. Read more

The engineering interns helping to create a 2019 Formula 1 car

Winners of the INFINITI Engineering Academy have begun their real-world Formula 1 experience by helping design and build this year’s Renault R.S.19. car. Three students are five months into a once-in-a-lifetime work placement at Renault F1® Team situated in both the design office and composites department. Read more

How to Live Well on a Student Budget!

Budgeting at university is notoriously difficult, and when it comes to making your student loan go further, some creative thinking is often needed to make sure whatever money you do have lasts you ’til the end of the month. But student life needn’t be so tiring.

By being careful with your money and employing a few money-saving tricks, there’s no reason you can’t live well on a tight student budget. From diet and exercise to technology and headspace, here are a few things to consider. Read more

The Thing Employers Look For When Hiring Recent Graduates

… isn’t something that can be done on campus. It’s an internship.

When employers recently named the most important elements in hiring a recent graduate, college reputation, GPA, and courses finished at the bottom of the list. At the top were experiences outside of academics: Internships, jobs, volunteering, and extracurriculars. Read more

The real-world value of work experience

When a potential employer sifts through a mountain of résumés, those who demonstrate practical work backgrounds and evidence of internship experience are prioritised.

By attaining first-hand exposure to work in the real world, you maximise your understanding of your chosen profession, showing employers that you’re passionate about starting your career and that you exude a strong work ethic.

Another angle that works in students’ favour lies in the connections made through internships. Embarking on a professional placement with a local company could well lead to a permanent role once your studies are over and you graduate. Read more

Are course fees “just as exploitative” as unpaid internships?

“Unpaid internships often take advantage of the young who need to develop their skills and experience to improve their chances in a competitive economy. Yet a similar transaction is found in paid-for education where schools and universities charge hefty fees to the young, who have little choice other than to dig deep and pay up in order to have any hope in the wider job market.”

Phineas Harper, deputy director of the Architecture Foundation in London.

Read more

What can you do with your visa?

Your 2017 Visa Guide

A visa is a document associated with your passport that allows you to enter, leave, stay and work in a country for a given period of time. You are required to have one in order to apply for jobs in another country so make sure you do have a valid visa before you apply!

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Get the best out of your brain!


University and work can be very stressful; so here’s a few tips to get the most out of our day and get that work and revision ethic on the up!

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Get Your Boss To Notice You!

standing out in crowd

Become a familiar face to the ones in high places.

You’re an exceptional worker. You go above and beyond when it comes to contributing to the success of your company. However, does the big boss know your name?

Most times, no matter how good you are at your job, it can be hard to move up the career ladder if the person in charge doesn’t take notice of you or the things you do.

Don’t despair though; there is something you could do to change this. Take action and get yourself on your boss’s radar (in a good way). Click below for some tips on how you can do that.

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Spring Clean Your CV!


When a new job opens within a company and they start recruiting for it, how many CVs would you assume that they receive? According to various researches, they would somewhere close to 70 applications per position, and a lot more for bigger companies. We can all guess that recruiters do not read every single line of every page of a resume they receive. More often, recruiters spend just a few seconds before deeming whether the resume has potential or if it’s going straight in the rubbish bin.

If you do not want your CV to end up in the bin and get a chance to get to the interview stage, keep on reading to find out what to remove – as to not distract the recruiter with unimportant information and unhide your relevant qualifications and skills.

So, if you have a feeling your resume is a little off and needs a slight makeover, do not despair. Keep on reading and you will be amazed at just how easy and painless it is to clean up your CV, you have no excuses!

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Weekend Getaway on a Budget – Zagreb!


In the last article from this series we covered Krakow, Poland; how to get there on a budget, where to go and sights to see. Our main goal is to find you the cheapest holiday getaway where you can go away for a weekend to take some stress off university or treat yourself after the completion of your exams! In this article, we will be covering Zagreb, the capital of Croatia!

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4 Tricky Interview Questions and How to Handle Them

Woman during job interview and four elegant members of management; Shutterstock ID 370947476; PO: angelikiJ-for robin kawakami

You’ve done all of your research, you’re wearing your best outfit and are radiating confidence for your job interview later on today. From the opening handshake, you feel like you’re in control and think that this is going to be a piece of cake. That is until the interviewer asks one question which is rather awkward and super tricky to answer. What do you do now? How do you answer without making yourself look bad? Can all of your hard work so far be completely shattered by one bad answer?

Unfortunately, yes. It can. Interviewers like to ask such questions to throw you off balance and see how you would handle it. These questions could seem very insignificant and harmless until it’s too late and you have headed down a bad path with your answer.

So how does one answer such questions and still present themselves in a positive light while sidestepping those little traps? Not too worry though! We have you covered. Here are four common & tricky interview questions and our advice on how to handle them.

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5 Reasons to do a Placement Abroad!


You probably already know that carrying out a placement abroad can be an exhilarating  & valuable experience that adds significant value to your CV, but just in case you need a little boost to take the leap, here are 5 good reasons to do a placement abroad!

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Job hunting? Use social media to your advantage!


BELCHATOW POLAND - MAY 02 2013: Modern white keyboard with colored social network buttons.

There is no doubt we live in a modern society obsessed with social media. We spend so much time scrolling through various content on our phones, tablets or computers, rarely giving it much thought. Well, we have a better way you could use this modern obsession to your advantage. Social media is a great way to boost your job search! It can get your name out there and help you find the job you’re looking for. So stop mindlessly wasting your time on social media and use it to do something productive!

Read on for some reasons why you can social media in your job search!

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How to Write a Structured Placement Report


What is a placement/internship report?

A placement or internship report is a document that relates every task and responsibility you had to take care of during your stay in the company. The completion of this report is compulsory for most internships and is a significant part of your work experience as it highlights the knowledge and experience you gained throughout your placement. Read on for a few tips to organise your ideas and build a structured internship report!

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How to keep yourself motivated during your placement


We have all experienced days in the office where you just don’t feel motivated. Anyone can have bad days and it is unrealistic to think that it won’t happen to you. Staying motivated at all times can be tough but there are a few tricks to help you out with this! According to specialists, motivation is a three part process. The first one is activation, this is making the decision to do something, which in your case is actually deciding to commence a placement. So far so good. The second step is intensity, and that is the amount of effort you are willing to put into your decision.

If you’re reading this blog then I am guessing you have already done this by looking for your placement, interviewing for different positions and working hard in order to prove yourself during your first months. The last step is perseverance; so, how long can you keep up the hard work for? Below, you can find the best tips that will help you keep up the good work and continue to improve whilst on your placement.

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Enrich your lifestyle – Learn a new language!



It is becoming more and more essential nowadays to be able to speak more than one language. You could always stick to knowing one language for the whole of your life but then you wouldn’t know how much you would be missing out on! Hence, we highly recommend you give it a go and try to learn some Française, Espagnol, Deutsch etc.

Here are some of the reasons why you should take up a new language.

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All you need to know about Erasmus+


Moving abroad can seem to be a fascinating yet terrifying experience but fear not, some international organisations exist to help you throughout your journey and facilitate every step you take toward the placement of your dreams.

In this article we will be checking out the most famous and recognised student organisation in the EU: Erasmus. In 5 steps, you will learn all there is to know about this incredible student program.

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Getting those on point organisation skills at work


There comes a time when even the most unorganised person needs to get organised. The start for some is high-school, college or university, but for others, that time comes later when they get a placement; when it is vital for their success in the workplace. If you happen to be part of the latter group, don’t sweat it. This blog post is just the thing you need to get yourself more organised at work.

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5 accommodation safety tips


It is very easy to get tricked by a scammer when you just arrived in the UK, hoping to find an accommodation fast and move in right away. Some landlords intentionally omit mentioning important problems in their ads in order to rent their accommodations, when some others don’t even have a real place to rent. Of course all owners aren’t tricksters but you need to stay vigilant to avoid an unfortunate situation.

Here are a few tips to help you avoid unfortunate situations:

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Weekend Getaway on Budget – Krakow, Poland



In the last article from this series, we have covered Vilnius and various places you can visit while on your getaway there, such as the Vilnius Old Town or the KGB Museum. We are going to remain in Eastern Europe to explore further, in this article we are going to focus on Krakow, Poland. Krakow is an old capital of Poland which then has been moved to Warsaw in the 16th century and is ranked as the top weekend destination among European destinations. Most importantly, it is completely affordable. Read more

28th of February – Pancake Day

images (1)

Yes, here is an official pancake day. Actually, it shouldn’t be all too surprising should it? I mean in the last few years there have been numerous dates being dedicated in the name of food – National Pizza Day, Popcorn day, Peanut butter day and so on and so on. The list is as big as the variety of foods there are out there in the world. Anyway, today we are focusing on one which has been known for a really long time – Pancake Day.

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8 Tips to get the most out of your Internship!


This is it! You finally secured yourself the internship you were aiming for. It’s a great opportunity for you to add a new significant experience to your CV and learn as much as you can from it. As time usually goes by fast while doing an internship, the safest plan is to figure out how to get the most out of it from the very beginning. Here are 5 useful tips on how to take advantage of this opportunity to help you move toward your future dream job.

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5 research tips before starting your internship


The United Kingdom (England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland) attracts more and more students looking for an internship abroad. More and more students give up on doing an internship in Spain or Italy to move to England, whether it be to practice English or to have your first international experience. The concept is interesting but the competition is very hard.

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How to beat procrastination


Have you ever sat down to complete an important task and then all of a sudden all of sudden you find yourself concentrating more on other tasks than the important one…sigh. You’ll need to write that essay or start that PowerPoint presentation but instead you’re taking out the rubbish, checking out if they have a sale on ukuleles or reconnecting with that person you met on your travels 4 years ago. Or perhaps your cat needs to be fed, plants need to be watered, your ceiling fan needs dusting — or maybe even going out for lunch, ignoring the fact that it’s only 10.00am?

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Weekend Getaway – Vilnius, Lithuania


In the last article from this series, we covered Sofia in Bulgaria, how to get there on a budget, where to go and what to see. Our main goal is to find you the cheapest holiday getaway where you can go over the weekend to take some stress off this busy exam period or treat yourself after the completion of your exams! in this article we will be covering Vilnius in Lithuania!

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5 easy ways to earn money as a student


Whilst the saying “student life” rings with student parties, new friends, professional projects… It also comes with the hassle of paying bills and the constant search for ways to earn or save money. After paying your rent, your transport fare, your food… you have yet to survive until next month while patiently waiting for the scholarships or your parents’ financial help.

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What do employers want to hear in an interview?


Whether you are looking for a full-time position or an internship, you must undergo the interview process where you will be interviewed (most likely) by a recruitment/HR officer to see if you are suitable for the role. This stage can be very nerve wrecking as it solely depends on you and the way you perform in the interview SO…we have put together this blog – we’ll do our best to advise you on what to say and how to act in your interview. Read more

Traveling on a budget – Sofia, Bulgaria


Being a student if financially difficult – Being a student also has its perks. Suddenly you have some money and time, after your graduation, automatically you will look for the job to pay in order to finally use all your educational credential and start making money. The time at the university could be the last time when you both have money and time, you can use both in order to travel! Here at Placement UK we have developed a mini-series with best places to visit when you are on a budget! In this article, we will be covering Bulgaria!

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How to make your Cover Letter appealing to employers


Internships are valuable and more and more students are undertaking them.  According to Laura Noonan, from the Financial Times, the number of applications for internships from both students and graduates has globally risen by more than 40% since 2012. This is a serious competition. In this blog, we will give you some ideas on what you can do in order to enrich your CV… Read more

Choosing UK mobile operator


Every student’s survival attire nowadays includes a mobile phone. Some might say it’s even a natural extension of their arm. Of course, you will need a mobile operation to actually make calls, send texts and get the all-important internet on the go. When moving to a new country, in this case, the UK, you might find this task difficult as there are quite a few of them. Read more

How to manage a team


Becoming a team leader is not easy, it is much more than just the title as you’ll soon learn that your job happiness can rely very much on your team, on a professional and friendship level.  To become a true leader you must become part of the team and to successfully make that transition, we have come up with several points that with guide you through this process. Read more

Top 10 reasons to choose Leeds for your placement year



Located in the north of England Leeds is becoming one of the most popular locations for placement students here in the UK. The city has so much to offer, a lively nightlife, plenty of cultural activities, unbeatable shopping and convenient transport links. Here are just some of the reasons why you should consider spending your placement year in Leeds. Read more

Remembrance Day


If you are in the UK around autumn time, a few days into November you will start noticing people wearing poppy flower pins on their clothing. You can also see them being sold at almost any popular grocery store even see people selling them on the streets. Well that is probably because Remembrance Day is around the corner. Read more

How to be a good negotiator


Ability to negotiate is one of the most important skills that you can possess, this skill can make all the difference as to whether you leave the room with your hands full or empty. A time will come when you will have to negotiate, it could be in a meeting room or over a phone so whenever it is you want to be prepared – this is a perfect opportunity to impress your superiors. This is an excellent skill to have and no matter what role you are in you will always have to use negotiation to get what you need!

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What to do before your first day at your new placement


The first day at your new placement position may be among the most memorable — and perhaps stressful — of your career; especially if it is your first office based job. However, as with every stressful situation, there are a few steps you can take to avoid any unexpected surprises and give the best first impression. Read more

Bonfire Night


It’s the 5th of November in the UK. People all going crazy about fireworks and burning some guy in a bonfire, and you are there wondering ‘Where have I ended up?’. Do not sweat it. It’s a totally normal thing, well at least here, and a pretty nice holiday to be honest. There are firework displays in all cities, towns and villages, bonfires and loads of food and drink for everyone to go round. Some call it ‘Bonfire night’, others know it as ‘Guy Fawkes Day’ or even ‘Firework Night’, it’s all the same holiday. Read more

Cooking – Easy and on a budget!


We all look forward to leaving the comfortable nest we call home. We grow up and the time comes when we need to spread our wings and take care of ourselves, gulp!  Once you move out, everything is sweet, you don’t have to clean daily, leave dishes to “soak in” for a couple of days, listen to loud music 24/7…the list is endless! Life is great until you realise you can’t cook and you might just not survive on dry chicken and over cooked rice for very long…

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Getting to your placement location

Hand writing travel plan in a lined spiral notepad arranged on a map

You got that placement offer! Finally. Well, congratulations you deserve it! You might be lucky enough not to have to relocate, but the majority of people would have to move to another city, county or even a whole new country. With that come along loads of things that need to be considered and one of them is how to actually get to this new place. Read more

How to succeed in your first professional meeting


Placements are all about new experiences and getting to experience things that will challenge you and of course teach you how to become a better professional. Impressing in your first interview will definitely give you the job but you will need to prove yourself many times during your placement period. Read more

Things you might find weird about Brits…


If you are coming to the UK for the first time for a longer period than just a week or two, you might notice that British people do things differently and might act in different ways that you’re use to. Disclaimer ahead. With this post we do not mean to offend anyone. It’s just a fun way to portray some typical British habits that a Non-UK person might scratch their heads over. But trust me, by the time you know it, you will already have acquired some if not all of these peculiar habits. Read more

How to get into 9 to 5 routine


Life of a student is really not too bad. Yeah it can get stressful at times, one day you are chilling with your friends, going out and enjoying the “adult” life and the next day you have 7 coursework deadlines, 3 presentations and an exam. We get it. We really do. We have all been there but believe me when I say this 9 to 5 malarkey is quite a different story. Read more

Habits of likeable people


Everyone wants to be liked. It is a fact. However, not everyone can achieve that. The reason why this is happening is because it is so hard to pinpoint what exactly you need to do, in order for people to like you. Do you need to agree with everyone, be out-going and social, or is it just something you are born with? There are so many different opinions on what makes someone well-liked but not one definite conclusion. That’s why we gathered below the common habits of the most fetching people you will meet in the office! Read more

Living a low cost budget life in the UK


Let’s face it, a student’s finances are not amongst the richest ones. We know that most students live on a budget and try to spend as less as they can. When you are a student your favourite phrases while shopping become – “Buy one, get one free!”, “Three for the price of one” and so on and so on, you get the idea. This blog post will give you a bit more information about where to shop for what. For all of those who have no idea where would be the cheapest place to get stuff like laundry detergent to finding the best deal for a sack of potatoes, this one is for you. Read more

How to stay healthy in the office


Leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle is challenging but it can be even harder when you work behind a desk. You sit for a long period of time in front of a computer, drink 3 to 5 cups of coffee per day and eat snacks in between your breaks. It is hard, we all do it, and this is why we have couple of ideas for you to stay healthy whilst working in the office.

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Dealing with stress during placement


As if moving away is not hard enough, then you realise you are going to start a new placement and even more stress hits you. You keep on worrying whether it’s going to be difficult? Are you going to be under much pressure? Are your colleagues going to be nice? Are you going to like the whole experience in general? So many questions! Relax, don’t worry, this is normal. Every new venture is stressful as most of us have a fear of the unknown (if you don’t, good for you, you are a very lucky individual!). Read more

What to wear depending on your workplace environment


business people on an isolated white background

So you managed to secure your first placement! Yay! And you have also managed to find a flat that is only fifteen minutes away from your new office job! Double yay! You have noted your start date in your diary, your placement agreement is signed and you have already met your flatmates and they are amazing. Everything is going as planned, or even better than planned and then you realise that you have nothing to wear on your first day. And that is when your world collapses. It doesn’t really, but let’s just be dramatic for a short moment. As per usual, you don’t need to worry, we are here! Keep on reading and we will solve your outfit dilemmas. You can also check out the links to find each clothing item in affordable student prices. Read more

How to write a good cover letter

Close up of businessman signing a contract.

Cover letters are a very important part of your application process as it allows you to demonstrate your writing style and gives you an opportunity to expand on your skills, something that CV’s lacks as it is usually brief and simple.

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Getting to know your new placement town



Moving to a new town could be an exciting experience, but at the same time it can be rather stressful and even a bit scary to some, especially if it is your first time living on your own, moving to a completely new country and starting a placement in a few days or so. That is completely normal and it can happen to anyone. Everybody goes through such a phase, whether it is a few days, a week or even a month. No matter if it’s your first or fifth move, it can always be hard to pack all your belongings and send off to an unknown location. This could leave you feeling a bit anxious, in order to avoid that, down below, we have suggested several things you could do to get used to your new placement town more easily.

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10 Reasons to choose Manchester for your placement


This week we would like to introduce you to one of the UK’s most exciting cities. Manchester has grown massively the past few decades and today is one of the top locations to live in. We don’t know if it the people, the atmosphere or the tones of different activities but there is definitely something about this city. Below, we have chosen the top ten reasons why we would choose Manchester for a placement year, but you will definitely discover your own once you get there. Read more

Every ending has a new beginning…


It is a very special Friday here in the Placement UK Office because two of our students are leaving us and going back to their studies. They have been with us for twelve months; it should have been six but we just couldn’t let them go. They did an amazing job whilst they were here so we’ve had to say a few words….

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How to find accommodation for your internship


In the previous blog post we have discussed how to deal with the experience of moving away from home, for the majority of you this would be moving to a different city, but for some of you this could mean moving away to a completely new country. We know this can be stressful, therefore we have created this blog to guide you through the process of finding accommodation in the UK. In this blog we focused on websites rather than letting agents or universities as we are aware that the majority of students starting their placements are moving away and start their search by looking online as that would be the best and easiest way of securing accommodation. Read more

Coping with moving away from home


So you’ve just accepted a position in a town located half an hour outside of Birmingham, you have no idea how you’re going to get there, how you’re going to deal with the 300 mile + journey between yourself and your family or what kind of weirdness the surrounding areas will offer you… no seriously that’s my story. Everyone’s story is different, and there are lots of factors that will affect your ability to thrive in a new area, but I am going to give you 5 tips on things you can do to help feel comfortable and happy in your new location.  Read more

How to choose the “right” placement for you


Having trouble deciding what kind of internship to pursue? Whether you have to undertake an internship as part of your university course or simply just to improve your CV, it is vital to choose the internship that will personally benefit you. Your work experience does not necessarily mean that this will be your final destination but landing the “right” internship can prove advantageous during your future journey.

Here at Placement UK we have developed a couple of pointers that you should consider in order to find the right placement.

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How To Make Friends In A Workplace

office us

Entering a new workplace for your first day can be daunting, it’s a scary experience that can decide whether you make it or break it in your new position, first impressions are important and here are some tips on how to win over some of your peers. (These points would be for everybody, but obviously if you’ve been a terrible person for a long period of time this is not going to get you out of that mess, and as such these will be aimed at people entering a job for the first time).

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10 Reasons to choose Birimingham for your placement


pic 1

Why is it that when someone mentions the UK, our minds immediately go to London? Yes, it is the capital and largest city in the country however there is so much more to this island in the north of Europe than just London. That is why we created ‘Top 10’ lists for big cities in the UK that we think you should try out for your placement. Each one of the cities we have chosen have a unique atmosphere that students worship so we wanted you to know too.

This week we introduce to you Birmingham; located in the heart of England Birmingham – or ‘Brum’ as it’s affectionately known – has reinvented itself in recent years and there are more than 10 reasons for it to be your first option. Read more

Big vs small companies for an internship?

big fish little fish cardboard box

Here’s an interesting question; is it better to work for a larger company or a smaller company? What are the pros and cons for each, and which one will work best for you?

Sometimes your experiences can drastically differ depending on the size of the company, so we are going to explore the ins and outs for both!

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5 do’s and don’ts for getting a placement


So your internship is closely approaching and you’ve decided to pull yourself out of your comfy bed, and put together some applications to ensure that you actually get some work experience before you leave university for the big bad world.

That is something we can help with, below you will find the 5 do’s and 5 don’ts to applying and gaining a placement, some of these may seem obvious, but in this world you’ve got to play to the 1%.

Happy reading, and good luck!

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Student Survey – Terms & Conditions


Hello Students!

In an attempt to collect relevant market research for Placement UK, we have designed a free to enter student survey.

All students who have submitted a completed survey will be within a chance of winning a £10 Amazon gift card. In order to complete the survey, follow the provided link; and click ‘done’ at the final question.

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CV Builder

Today we are going to outline some important advice and tips to keep in mind when constructing your own placement CV.

First of all, here is a short list of essential skills and qualities that employers look for in a potential student; Communication, Interpersonal, Motivation, Teamwork, Problem solving, Leadership and Initiative. Read more

Top 5 Tips for Skype Interviews

In 2016, it seems that every company’s moto is ‘Do it quickly and do it right’. When everything in the business world is changing, you cannot expect the interview process to remain the same. Employers, especially in smaller companies, are far too busy to interview all applicants face to face.

Think about it: setting up twenty interviews with twenty different people would take even the quickest interviewer probably half their week. Plus, interviewing people who live far away is expensive and time-consuming for all involved. You don’t want to be limited to locals as this could mean you miss out on great candidates. So it is no surprise that Skype interviewing is becoming more and more popular. Cost-efficient & time-saving; Skype is a great solution!

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5 Ways to Find, Train and Oversee the Ideal Intern

A placement undergraduate can bring your company youthful perspective and someone eager to learn.

But the process of finding, training and overseeing a student can seem overwhelming. A few simple steps can ensure that you make the most of your time and your interns, possibly creating a future employee.

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6 Ways to Make Your Intern Program a Success

Even in the fast-paced land of start-ups, many companies still don’t fully utilise their youngest employees: interns.

Instead of taking advantage of their passion and motivation, they saddle them with busy work in place of meaningful assignments. It’s clear most companies still don’t know how to incorporate workers whose tenure is temporary.


Companies both big and small need to take a different approach to their internship programs. Not only are interns potential full-time employees, they can also be a source of limitless enthusiasm, hard work and can offer a valuable outside perspective. For your business, employees and interns to get the full value from your relationship, you should establish a program that clearly defines interns’ role in your company.  The internship program should also include policies, expectations and accountability for both the intern and the team they join.

Here are a few pointers to get your started:

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Poll suggests privilege is key to landing internships

Survey carried finds that 72% of privileged young Britons admitted to having used family connections to secure a work placement.

A privileged background, attending private school and who you know are key factors in landing an internship, according to a report that paints a bleak picture of social mobility in modern Britain.

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Experience better than grades, employer survey says

Relevant work experience is more valued than qualifications when firms are looking to recruit new staff, a survey of 2,000 employers in Wales has found.

Almost two thirds (63%) said they regarded experience as significant or critical but fewer than four in 10 (39%) provided placement opportunities.

The findings have prompted calls for firms to offer more work experience.

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6 incredible discoveries made on work experience

Think all students are lazy? Think again, these high flying interns really made the most of their placements!


So here are some inventions and discoveries made by students on work experience… Read more

Student at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, wins Penguin work experience with this book cover design

An illustration student has landed a prestigious work placement with a national publishing house after being ‘highly commended’ for her book cover design.

Angharad Burnard, a third-year student at Anglia Ruskin University (ARU), was chosen from more than 1,100 entries to the 2014 Penguin Random House Design Award.
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Student wins dream fashion internship in New York

A FASHION student from High Wycombe is settling in to life in the Big Apple after winning a prestigious placement with clothing giant Gap.

Catriona Pringle was selected from more than 100 students at her university for the all-expenses paid eight-week placement in New York.

The former Pipers Corner School pupil, who now studies Fashion Design at De Montfort University in Leicester, will work on the team designing men’s sweaters.
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Work experience student makes cystic fibrosis breakthrough

A medical student on work experience has made a breakthrough in cystic fibrosis research that will improve treatment and could extend sufferers’ life expectancy.

Jo Armstead, 21, spent hundreds of hours at Wythenshawe Hospital in Manchester over the summer using data from 30 countries to examine the link between the debilitating lung condition and the aspergillus fungus.

She found that of more than 75,000 people with the genetic disorder studied, half had been infected with aspergillus.

What started out as a summer project has led to the research being published in a leading journal, the Public Library of Science, and recognition from experts. Read more

Work experience prepares teens for life

People who take part-time jobs during their teenage years are boosting their ability to succeed later in life, a new study has found.

Researchers at the UBC Sauder School of Business in Canada noted that many parents believe their children can do better than “flipping burgers” at a fast food outlet during the summer or evenings in term-time.

However, a study found even taking on menial tasks does have value, as it boosts their soft skills and gives young people an early insight into how to cope in the working environment.
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Work experience placement: why you should give it a go

University summer holidays are a student’s best opportunity to try out different careers – even if they’re not what you expected

Doing work experience during the summer is one of the best ways for students to try out different careers.

When you’re older it’s much harder to change career direction. But for us students it’s easy. This is the one period in our lives where we can try different jobs, even if just to satisfy a curiosity.

That’s why the summer is your best opportunity to get work experience and try something new.
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Work experience becoming more valuable to employers, UKCES claims

Employers and young people are increasingly seeing value in work experience, according to a report by the UK Commission For Employment And Skills (UKCES).

The report found 45% of employers see experience as significant in selection, with 29% stating that it is crucial. Lack of experience is the most common reason employers reject candidates.
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Intern came up with Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway show

Top TV producer Nigel Hall has revealed the format for the hit primetime show, which sees audience members vie to win the contents of ad breaks, was actually thought up by a ”work experience kid” after he, Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly had arduously tried to think up a hit show for the duo to front.
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The race to find relevant work experience

When Goldman Sachs advertised its summer internship scheme in the United States last year it was inundated with more than 17,000 applications — almost 50 for every place. At Google, a record 40,000 young people battled for its work placement programme, reportedly making it harder for students to get into the Internet search engine for the summer than into a full degree course at Harvard or Yale. But should we be surprised that brainy young things are going to such lengths for a taste of life inside some of the world’s biggest companies? A few years ago, a decent degree from a good university would all but guarantee a graduate a reasonably respectable job. Not any more.
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Princess Beatrice starts London work placement at Sony

After previously working in finance, Princess Beatrice has taken up an exciting new post in the world of TV and Entertainment. Prince Andrew’s eldest daughter has reportedly started an internship at the London offices of Sony Pictures Television, which is a branch of Sony Entertainment.
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SMEs Struggling to Find Good Work Experience Candidates!

SMEs are finding it hard to get suitable work experience candidates, according to Barclays research.

SMEs want to hire entry level candidates who have completed work experience but they struggle to find suitable candidates.

The finding comes from Barclays research, with 77% of SMEs saying that entry level candidates who have completed work experience are a good source of talent.

Unfortunately, despite recognising the value of such recruits, one in five small businesses say the biggest barrier to offering work experience is that they are unable to find suitable candidates. Read more

Placement UK Welcomes HMRC Crackdown on Unscrupulous Internship Employers

Great! We wholeheartedly support this.

Placement students deserve to be offered a decent allowance to provide for their essential needs whilst on placement (and maybe the odd luxury too!).

‘HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is targeting 200 employers who recently advertised internships to check they are paying people properly. The agency, which is responsible for enforcing the national minimum wage, will carry out “targeted checks”. The move comes as the government outlines new guidance to young interns to ensure they are properly paid.’ Read more

Government Guidance on Work Placements

The Pay and Work Rights Helpline provides information and advice on a number of government enforced employment rights that are there to protect both employers and workers.

(We have highlighted sections of particular relevance to Placement UK clients)

Thank you for contacting the Pay and Work Rights Helpline.

What is work experience?

  • The term ‘work experience’ generally refers to a specified period of time that an individual spends with a business – during which they have an opportunity to learn directly about working life and the working environment.
  • An individual’s entitlement to the national minimum wage (NMW) will depend on whether the work experience offered makes the individual a worker for NMW purposes.
  • If a caller would like to read guidance about work experience and internships themselves they can find this on the website here Read more

Placement UK welcomes government support to protect interns’ right to fair pay

Interns are to get more support to protect their right to fair pay, as the government launches new advice for young people and cracks down on unfair practices.

Interns will also benefit from a concise guide on what to expect from a high-quality internship, and what interns’ rights are with regard to pay.

We unreservedly welcome and support this. Read more

What about National Minimum Wage?

There is often some confusion about whether placement students & interns are eligible for NMW. Let’s clear this up once and for all.
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