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The real-world value of work experience

When a potential employer sifts through a mountain of résumés, those who demonstrate practical work backgrounds and evidence of internship experience are prioritised. By attaining first-hand exposure to work in the real world, you maximise your understanding of your chosen profession, showing employers that you’re passionate about starting your career and that you exude a […]

Who is Responsible for Ensuring Workers’ Legality?

As a matter of best practice, recruitment agencies generally screen candidates at an early stage and carry out a full right-to-work check before recommending a candidate to an employer. However, it is important to bear in mind that, regardless of the industry and the role, the legal obligation to prevent the employment of illegal workers […]

UK Immigration & Right to Work Overview

Right to work guidance Mar 2019 – Branded Article UK immigration system Generally speaking, the UK immigration system excludes everyone, unless a person is: not subject to immigration control, which includes: British citizens Individuals with right of abode EU nationals and their families, who can rely on EU regulations (for the time being) granted permission […]