Are course fees “just as exploitative” as unpaid internships?

“Unpaid internships often take advantage of the young who need to develop their skills and experience to improve their chances in a competitive economy. Yet a similar transaction is found in paid-for education where schools and universities charge hefty fees to the young, who have little choice other than to dig deep and pay up in order to have any hope in the wider job market.”

Phineas Harper, deputy director of the Architecture Foundation in London.

We Say: it’s an interesting argument Phineas, and we certainly agree that UK tuition fees are unfair and too high, but we will never abandon one of our central Charter guarantees to students that states:

  • All our placements are paid. You will receive a reasonable allowance.
  • We do not feature unpaid placements.
  • We believe students should receive a fair allowance for the work they do

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