8 Tips to get the most out of your Internship!


This is it! You finally secured yourself the internship you were aiming for. It’s a great opportunity for you to add a new significant experience to your CV and learn as much as you can from it. As time usually goes by fast while doing an internship, the safest plan is to figure out how to get the most out of it from the very beginning. Here are 5 useful tips on how to take advantage of this opportunity to help you move toward your future dream job.

Expectations from you

Your aim is to turn this first experience into a stepping stone toward a future employment, and to achieve that you will need to figure out your personal and professional priorities. Your internship must be consistent and related to your professional project and ambitions. You need to first determine what you are going to learn from it and what missions will be the most important for you to focus on.


In order to not be too intimidated during the first days, try to learn as much as you can about the company’s activity and its antecedents from your home. You will find all kinds of information on the company’s website such as its values, its economic implications and its partners.

Corporate Culture

In order to be full part of the working team, you need to respect the rules and codes set by the company. During the first 3 weeks you will need to adapt to your new environment by respecting the dress code (smart and professional), avoiding being late (in the morning, after your break) and respecting the other employees’.


When you arrive in the new company, your internship manager will be your most precious reference in the company, but you will have to get to know as many people as possible. By meeting new colleagues, you will learn more about their experiences and benefit from their wisdom. Be polite and respectful to every member of the company, from the CEO to the cleaning staff, contacts are very important for your future career.

Be Humble

You are young and probably more competent in some fields (whether it be IT, social media or languages) than some of your colleagues but you should NEVER adopt an arrogant and haughty attitude. On the contrary, you should use these differences to foster knowledge sharing between coworkers.

Record & Report

Taking notes and classifying the information you gathered progressively will help you greatly when the time to write your report comes. Every week, you should try to write down the elements you learned, and decide which ones to put in your report. Also, before saving some of the company’s official documents for your personal use, ask your manager about it first, you’ll also have the opportunity to ask more information that could be useful for your report.

Keep in Touch

Regardless of whether your internship was enjoyable or not, you will need to leave the company in good terms. Every internship is an opportunity to see your portfolio grow, don’t hesitate to contact your ex-colleagues regularly to keep them updated with your news.
Whether it is at the beginning or ending of your internship, you can add all your coworkers on LinkedIn or Viadeo.

Update your CV

Instead of dedicating only a mere line to your internship in your resume, highlight the skills and knowledge you have acquired all along your internship that would interest a potential employer.

If you follow and respect these precious tips, you will be able to get the most out of your internship, both in terms of knowledge and useful contacts.