5 easy ways to earn money as a student


Whilst the saying “student life” rings with student parties, new friends, professional projects… It also comes with the hassle of paying bills and the constant search for ways to earn or save money. After paying your rent, your transport fare, your food… you have yet to survive until next month while patiently waiting for the scholarships or your parents’ financial help.

Well rest assured, in this first article we’re attacking the core of the problem: money. And we’re advising on 5 ways to make it out alive to the next month while maintaining an enjoyable social and student life. We have got some good deals up our sleeves to help make your life a tad bit easier.

Renumerating Apps

Click and Walk, Localeyes, etc.. All sorts of phone apps offer smalls remunerations in exchange of mini missions such as take pictures for someone or test and review new products. You can try and compare all these useful apps to find the one that fits best your liking.

A job? 

Of course, there’s always fast food companies such as McDonalds, Domino’s etc, but some companies offer home contracts making it easier to manage your job and your studies.

There are also companies willing to hire students to accomplish small tasks. Globe Diffusion, for example, reaches out to students for small jobs such as distributing magazines or samples. Some are even specialised in animation in commercial centers.

Sell your old books 

One of the often forgotten ways to earn money as a student is selling your old textbooks. Unless you dearly hold onto your school textbooks, why not get rid of them and make a little money? You will be helping out another student who will get these usually expensive books at a more affordable price. You can sell your goods on Amazon, Priceminister and in some libraries as well.

Being a brand ambassador 

Every year, brands (notably in the food industry) look for students to elaborate their communication campaigns. As well as helping you earn a little bit of money, it’ll also be a good element to use in your CV and future work experience.

Test products in exchange for discount coupons

The best deal of all, testing out the latest products and getting paid to do that. Well, it’s less enjoyable if the said products are carrot yoghurt but you get free food and a discount coupon. That’s a way to save money on food.

Thanks to all these priceless tips, you can now enjoy your student life a bit more and even maybe save a little money for your future professional life.