Top 5 Tips for Skype Interviews

In 2016, it seems that every company’s moto is ‘Do it quickly and do it right’. When everything in the business world is changing, you cannot expect the interview process to remain the same. Employers, especially in smaller companies, are far too busy to interview all applicants face to face.

Think about it: setting up twenty interviews with twenty different people would take even the quickest interviewer probably half their week. Plus, interviewing people who live far away is expensive and time-consuming for all involved. You don’t want to be limited to locals as this could mean you miss out on great candidates. So it is no surprise that Skype interviewing is becoming more and more popular. Cost-efficient & time-saving; Skype is a great solution!

So, when more and more employers are asking for Skype interviews, how can you use this medium to your advantage and win over your potential employer?

Here are the top 5 tips that we have seen work the best with the companies we work alongside…

1. Be on time!
The fact you do not have to show up in an office does not mean you can be late. Log in your Skype account at least 10 minutes before your interview and make sure everything on your computer (Headphones, Wi-Fi etc.) is working correctly.

2. Look professional.
Just because your potential employer cannot see the pair of shoes you are wearing does not mean you can wear your flip-flops. Researchers have shown that when you are dressed professionally, you act professionally. So make sure you’re wearing those oxfords or high heels before your Skype interview. Suited and booted is the right impression.

3. Choose your background
Make sure that you choose the right background for your interview. Tidy the surrounding place and if you can choose a neutral colored background so that you remain the center of attention during the whole interview.

4. Show off your personality
This may sound like very common interview advice but not when it comes to Skype interviews. Experienced employers say that effective body language has helped them multiple times to choose the right candidate. This being said, you cannot make a great entrance through Skype so keep in mind that you must smile, display calm hand gestures and avoid leaning forward, this can make you appear closed off.

5. Cheat (but just a little bit)
Skype interviews may be more challenging than a classic face to face interview but you have the advantage of cheating. You can keep your notes in front of you! This could have questions you want to ask your employer or details of the company that you can mention while you are being interviewed. Just try not to read off them too much or you will give the game away!

And don’t forget…
Our last tip is the most important! Do your research, stay calm and positive, and impress everyone on that Skype call!