How to beat procrastination


Have you ever sat down to complete an important task and then all of a sudden all of sudden you find yourself concentrating more on other tasks than the important one…sigh. You’ll need to write that essay or start that PowerPoint presentation but instead you’re taking out the rubbish, checking out if they have a sale on ukuleles or reconnecting with that person you met on your travels 4 years ago. Or perhaps your cat needs to be fed, plants need to be watered, your ceiling fan needs dusting — or maybe even going out for lunch, ignoring the fact that it’s only 10.00am?

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Weekend Getaway – Vilnius, Lithuania


In the last article from this series, we covered Sofia in Bulgaria, how to get there on a budget, where to go and what to see. Our main goal is to find you the cheapest holiday getaway where you can go over the weekend to take some stress off this busy exam period or treat yourself after the completion of your exams! in this article we will be covering Vilnius in Lithuania!

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5 easy ways to earn money as a student


Whilst the saying “student life” rings with student parties, new friends, professional projects… It also comes with the hassle of paying bills and the constant search for ways to earn or save money. After paying your rent, your transport fare, your food… you have yet to survive until next month while patiently waiting for the scholarships or your parents’ financial help.

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What do employers want to hear in an interview?


Whether you are looking for a full-time position or an internship, you must undergo the interview process where you will be interviewed (most likely) by a recruitment/HR officer to see if you are suitable for the role. This stage can be very nerve wrecking as it solely depends on you and the way you perform in the interview SO…we have put together this blog – we’ll do our best to advise you on what to say and how to act in your interview. Read more

Traveling on a budget – Sofia, Bulgaria


Being a student if financially difficult – Being a student also has its perks. Suddenly you have some money and time, after your graduation, automatically you will look for the job to pay in order to finally use all your educational credential and start making money. The time at the university could be the last time when you both have money and time, you can use both in order to travel! Here at Placement UK we have developed a mini-series with best places to visit when you are on a budget! In this article, we will be covering Bulgaria!

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