How To Make Friends In A Workplace

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Entering a new workplace for your first day can be daunting, it’s a scary experience that can decide whether you make it or break it in your new position, first impressions are important and here are some tips on how to win over some of your peers. (These points would be for everybody, but obviously if you’ve been a terrible person for a long period of time this is not going to get you out of that mess, and as such these will be aimed at people entering a job for the first time).

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10 Reasons to choose Birimingham for your placement


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Why is it that when someone mentions the UK, our minds immediately go to London? Yes, it is the capital and largest city in the country however there is so much more to this island in the north of Europe than just London. That is why we created ‘Top 10’ lists for big cities in the UK that we think you should try out for your placement. Each one of the cities we have chosen have a unique atmosphere that students worship so we wanted you to know too.

This week we introduce to you Birmingham; located in the heart of England Birmingham – or ‘Brum’ as it’s affectionately known – has reinvented itself in recent years and there are more than 10 reasons for it to be your first option. Read more

Big vs small companies for an internship?

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Here’s an interesting question; is it better to work for a larger company or a smaller company? What are the pros and cons for each, and which one will work best for you?

Sometimes your experiences can drastically differ depending on the size of the company, so we are going to explore the ins and outs for both!

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5 do’s and don’ts for getting a placement


So your internship is closely approaching and you’ve decided to pull yourself out of your comfy bed, and put together some applications to ensure that you actually get some work experience before you leave university for the big bad world.

That is something we can help with, below you will find the 5 do’s and 5 don’ts to applying and gaining a placement, some of these may seem obvious, but in this world you’ve got to play to the 1%.

Happy reading, and good luck!

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Student Survey – Terms & Conditions


Hello Students!

In an attempt to collect relevant market research for Placement UK, we have designed a free to enter student survey.

All students who have submitted a completed survey will be within a chance of winning a £10 Amazon gift card. In order to complete the survey, follow the provided link; and click ‘done’ at the final question.

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