6 incredible discoveries made on work experience

Think all students are lazy? Think again, these high flying interns really made the most of their placements!


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Student at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, wins Penguin work experience with this book cover design

An illustration student has landed a prestigious work placement with a national publishing house after being ‘highly commended’ for her book cover design.

Angharad Burnard, a third-year student at Anglia Ruskin University (ARU), was chosen from more than 1,100 entries to the 2014 Penguin Random House Design Award.
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Student wins dream fashion internship in New York

A FASHION student from High Wycombe is settling in to life in the Big Apple after winning a prestigious placement with clothing giant Gap.

Catriona Pringle was selected from more than 100 students at her university for the all-expenses paid eight-week placement in New York.

The former Pipers Corner School pupil, who now studies Fashion Design at De Montfort University in Leicester, will work on the team designing men’s sweaters.
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Work experience student makes cystic fibrosis breakthrough

A medical student on work experience has made a breakthrough in cystic fibrosis research that will improve treatment and could extend sufferers’ life expectancy.

Jo Armstead, 21, spent hundreds of hours at Wythenshawe Hospital in Manchester over the summer using data from 30 countries to examine the link between the debilitating lung condition and the aspergillus fungus.

She found that of more than 75,000 people with the genetic disorder studied, half had been infected with aspergillus.

What started out as a summer project has led to the research being published in a leading journal, the Public Library of Science, and recognition from experts. Read more

Work experience prepares teens for life

People who take part-time jobs during their teenage years are boosting their ability to succeed later in life, a new study has found.

Researchers at the UBC Sauder School of Business in Canada noted that many parents believe their children can do better than “flipping burgers” at a fast food outlet during the summer or evenings in term-time.

However, a study found even taking on menial tasks does have value, as it boosts their soft skills and gives young people an early insight into how to cope in the working environment.
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Work experience placement: why you should give it a go

University summer holidays are a student’s best opportunity to try out different careers – even if they’re not what you expected

Doing work experience during the summer is one of the best ways for students to try out different careers.

When you’re older it’s much harder to change career direction. But for us students it’s easy. This is the one period in our lives where we can try different jobs, even if just to satisfy a curiosity.

That’s why the summer is your best opportunity to get work experience and try something new.
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Work experience becoming more valuable to employers, UKCES claims

Employers and young people are increasingly seeing value in work experience, according to a report by the UK Commission For Employment And Skills (UKCES).

The report found 45% of employers see experience as significant in selection, with 29% stating that it is crucial. Lack of experience is the most common reason employers reject candidates.
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Intern came up with Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway show

Top TV producer Nigel Hall has revealed the format for the hit primetime show, which sees audience members vie to win the contents of ad breaks, was actually thought up by a ”work experience kid” after he, Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly had arduously tried to think up a hit show for the duo to front.
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The race to find relevant work experience

When Goldman Sachs advertised its summer internship scheme in the United States last year it was inundated with more than 17,000 applications — almost 50 for every place. At Google, a record 40,000 young people battled for its work placement programme, reportedly making it harder for students to get into the Internet search engine for the summer than into a full degree course at Harvard or Yale. But should we be surprised that brainy young things are going to such lengths for a taste of life inside some of the world’s biggest companies? A few years ago, a decent degree from a good university would all but guarantee a graduate a reasonably respectable job. Not any more.
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Princess Beatrice starts London work placement at Sony

After previously working in finance, Princess Beatrice has taken up an exciting new post in the world of TV and Entertainment. Prince Andrew’s eldest daughter has reportedly started an internship at the London offices of Sony Pictures Television, which is a branch of Sony Entertainment.
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